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PS-Z-CR-WL-20K 20000x5

10 days
99950 points


List price: $3,000.00

PS-Z-CR-WL20K Crane Scale,scales,scale,crane,


The All NEW PS-Z-CR-WL20K is a one of a kind wireless crane scale that provides a wireless readout and operation. You simply hang items on the scale then you can read the weight and operate the scale, even at a distance of 200 feet! The stainless steel, wireless indicator can zero, tare, accumulate, count and print. When you turn off the indicator, the scale will go to sleep mode to save power.

  • Capacity: 20000lbx5lb
  • Completely wireless - operate and display remotely
  • Transmission distance: 200ft
  • Prime indicator
  • Heavy duty scale load cell and support
  • Package configured and calibrated with 5000 divisions
  • Scale power: AC/DC 4.2 Power Adaptor
  • Signal and low power indication on scale
  • Indicator power: 110V and built-in rechargeable battery
  • One-year limited warranty


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