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PS- Big Data Scale Conversion Kit

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PS- Big Data Scale
Big Data Conversion Kit


List price: $600.00

PS- Big Data Scale Conversion Kit:

Includes: PS-IN202 Indicator

:15ft Quick disconnect cable

:Short Cable

:USB Cable

:Prime Interface Software

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What is Big Data Scale? What can it do for your company/business?
There is a ton of useful data generated along with your business operation day in and day out.This data is usually wasted if it is not recorded. If you record the data and save it you can use the Data to improve your business and make important business decisions.

For example, we have installed a scale for a customer in quality control. They use the scale to check if the boxes contain every part the customer has ordered. Further more we added an automatic recording function to the system so it can record the date, time, batch #, line #, weight, under, pass or over etc automatically. With such information the customer is able to track where the operation errors are from so he can take actions to improve.

Our Big Data solution is to business like DNA is to a human being. Knowing your Big Data and improving your company/business can make you much more competitive than your competitors.

Prime Big Data Scales can record every load you put on the scale along with the date, time and other information as needed. We can also customize the way you like to record with very low fee.

Ready to move onto Big Data Solutions but already have a scale? No problem.

Introducing The Prime Scales Big Data Scale Conversion Kit. It is universal so it can bee installed to any floor scale, bench scale or other type of the scales.

This kit includes:

  1. Prime Scales Smart Indicator PS-IN202. It is an NTEP approved indicator. It is the original infrastructure Prime Big Data solutions being built on. Indicator parameters have been set for Big Data applications. The output data is standard ASCII format, which is also compatible with popular PLC systems which accept digital inputs.
  2. Load cell cable combo: no matter a standard Prime Scale or any brand scale, this scale kit will work for you. For standard Prime Scale, you just need a 4-pin to 4-pin load cell cable (15') long. For other brands you can connect the long cable with a hard wire short cable.
  3. Data cable. This data cable converts digital signal from DB9 connector to USB connector to fit most of modern computers. It is not a cable just convert port interfaces. This cable comes with SiLab chip set converting the data and set up a virtual port on your computer. For Windows 7 or up, you don't need and drivers. It is plug in and play.
  4. The legendary Prime Interface software. It offers basic manual / automatic data recording. Users can select 3 conditions to save the data. They can also configure the hot key on the computer for manual capture.
  5. Over-the-phone support. Although this Big Data Conversion Kit is very easy to set up, we are available to help you over the phone or Face Time, Skype or Zoom Meeting.
  6. Free shipping to US 48 Continental States.

If you are not sure how Big Data Scale can benefit your business please feel free to give us a call at 855-697-2253. The sooner we start using Big Data, the more we know our business. Let's act now!

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